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Cotton Blindfolds, 6-pack



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Uncommon Core

Make your common core curriculum fun with a set of six versatile blindfolds for classroom activities. Interesting lesson plans help teach lessons in a a variety of cross-curricular subjects, including language arts, English, reading, foreign languages like Spanish and French, as well as counseling, ESL, special education, and even early learning! Differentiate instruction with unique classroom games for kinetic and touch-based learners for fun games like “Pin the Tail on the Globe,” “Guess that Object,” and come up with your own ideas! Encouraging students to use their senses will encourage higher-order thinking while still appealing to individual learning styles. Teach cooperative learning by blindfolding one student and encouraging teammates to guide them to an objective.

Why You’ll Love It

Six blindfold masks come in six unique colors: orange, purple, yellow, red, green, and blue. Dual elastic headbands allow the mask to fit on students of any size, shape, or ability level. These headbands are made of airy cotton for lightweight portability.

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