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10/8-Inch Power Pole Saw for Outdoor Tree Trimming-8 Inches




Specifications: Color: Orange and grey Material: Glass fiber aluminum Overall adjustable length: 81″-110.5″/83.5″-112.6″ Net weight: 9 lbs Nominal voltage: 120 V 60 HZ Nominal output: 8 A Cutting speed: 36’/s Cutting length: 8″/10″ Oil tank capacity max: 75 ml Package includes: 1 x Electric pole saw 1 x User guide

Easily tackle overhead branches with this electric corded pole saw.

This corded pole chainsaw features a lightweight of 9 lbs and has a telescopic rod (81-110.5/83.5-112.5 inches) and an angle-adjustable head (±30°) for easy control and gaining better maneuvering ability. The anti-skid grip also makes high-altitude trimming more comfortable. And this branch saw has a double security system which means only under the condition of pressing both the safety button and start switch can this saw start. In that case the chance of accidental operation is greatly reduced. Featuring a 120V 8Ah motor this 8″/10″ tree trimmer saw cuts at a 36’/s speed. The auto-tension and lubrication systems enable the pole to maintain a high performance. And it is easy to set the pole saw by simply attaching each part.

If you are looking for such a power pole saw do not hesitate to buy it!

  • High perform corded tree trimmer with 8″/10″ chainsaw and cut at 36’/s
  • Height adjustable from 81″ to 110.5″/83.5″ to 112.5″ guarantees ladder free trimming
  • Head angle adjustable from + 30° to – 30° for better control
  • Assembly is easy and requires no tool
  • 120V 8 Ah motor to ensure a constant high performance
  • 75ml oil tank for self-lubrication and easy maintenance
  • Tension adjusting knob for one-button tension system
  • Double security design with a safety button and a start switch
  • An anti-skid grip to hold the chainsaw steadily and comfortably

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Weight 1 lbs







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