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List of Sonic the Hedgehog video games Wikipedia

Despite this impression, many have found Shadow the Hedgehog to be one of the most compelling games in the series. As SoftandHollow has written on the game, Shadow the Hedgehog is a game about being misunderstood by the world around you while you are just trying to figure yourself out. It’s a game that is confused and messy, but somehow finds the right time for its emotional melodrama to surface amidst all the mess. As 2D Sonic fans, and even Adventure fans were beginning to grow older, SEGA was starting to experiment with maturing the games with the audience and presenting more serious storylines than in previous 3D titles.

  • The fierce competition between Nintendo and SEGA was great for fans as they constantly pushed each other to out do the other.
  • Sega Magazine stated that Knuckles “looks cooler” than Sonic, comparing him to Spider-Man, and suggested he be given his own game.
  • If Sonic finishes the first or second Act of any of the first five Zones with at least fifty Rings, a large, spinning Ring will appear.
  • There are eight 2D games, ten 3D games, sixteen handheld ones and 23 spin-offs over the span of two decades.

The Wisps add cool powers too, allowing him to reach new heights, turn into a laser or dig underground. Eggman looks as though he’s turned his back on a life of crime, until Sonic discovers that he’s kidnapped a bunch of aliens known as the Wisps and is using their power in another one of his hair-brained schemes. As well as kicking back Arthur’s new cronies and slashing enemies, Sonic can visit a blacksmith to change his attack style as the game progresses. None of this is to say these aren’t Sonic games — just that they aren’t main line games. Debuting in 2017, Sonic Mania landed like a homecoming party that rolled out the welcome mat for every cool retro-themed thing that made the franchise’s early side-scrolling days so great in the first place. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is bolting into movie theaters this week, which probably explains why we’ve been feeling a major itch lately to indulge our need for speed.

It was released on multiple platforms and even praised in prerelease screenings. However, it bombed and was considered one of the worst Sonic games of the franchise. The 3D era of the games has come, and Sonic Blast 3D was the first one of that nature in its franchise. Consequently, it was the last Sonic game for the SEGA Genesis platform.

The game’s name was later changed to Sonic Jump Pro in certain app stores. IPad port released separately on 21 December 2011 in the United States. Sega users on Docomo-based devices also received member-only item application, featuring small 3D character model of Sonic reacting and moving around the device’s operating system. Sonic 3D Blast is only included in the 4391 version of the North American release.

Fighting Games

If we exclude the Brazil-only TecToy release of Sonic Blast, this was also the final Sonic game released on Master System. By this point in the system’s life, most gaming magazines had greatly reduced their Master System coverage – it came and went without much fanfare. Of all the Sonic games brought to Master System and GameGear, this is the only direct conversion of a 16-bit game.

As he appears the emerald is shattered, which causes Angel Island to fall into the ocean. It’s Knuckles’ responsibility to reforge The Master Emerald and restore his home.Sonic Adventure also deals with Knux’s ancestors, and the meaning behind the Chaos Emeralds and The Master Emerald. In Sonic Adventure 2 it is Knuckles who shatters it to prevent Eggman from stealing it. He then finds a rival in Rouge the Bat, as she is after the pieces of the emerald too. Warren Pereira’s Tiger 24 is a stunning wildlife documentary that plays out like a true crime story full of drama and intrigue in the jungle. Even though Sonic is supposedly the fastest thing alive, Knuckles can match his rival’s speed throughout the game.


Amongst these gems are the Chaos Emeralds, six gemstones with enough power to bring energy to all living beings, or power nuclear and laser weapons through science and technology. This is because South Island is a moving island, with the Chaos Emeralds existing within natural distortions on the island. The film, written by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller, follows Sonic as he journeys to San Francisco with a small-town cop so he can escape Eggman and collect his missing rings. Additional cast members include Tika Sumpter, Adam Pally, and Neal McDonough, while Colleen O’Shaughnessey reprises her voice role as Tails from the games for a mid-credits scene cameo.

It was fun seeing some of Sonic’s friends all dressed up like Sinbad and Ali Baba, but they weren’t playable and only showed up in cutscenes. The second game, Sonic and the Black Knight, put Sonic in sonic games to play online the realm of King Arthur and this is the one that really put off fans. Black Knight had some of the same control aspects of Secret Rings but giving Sonic a sword didn’t do much to help.

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